Taiwan News – Brazil’s gay marriage rights and responsibilities are based on love

By  Central News Agency – 2013/11/30

(Central News Agency reporter Tang Yaling’s special feature of St. Paul) Although the thinking of “love regardless of age, national boundaries, and race” has been respected by society, once it is mentioned that “love does not distinguish between sexes”, it is still easy to cause controversy and intolerance of same sex.

Breno Rosostolato, a professor of psychology at Santa Marcelina University in Brazil, points out that homophobia (homophobia) refers to the exclusion or prejudice of homosexuals. Rational emotion, thinking that the sexual consciousness of all anti-heterosexual logical thinking is low and abnormal, which means that heterosexuality is a standard model and an absolute truth that agrees with sexual orientation.

However, all truths are non-absolute, and prejudices that lack tolerance are more likely to be counterproductive.

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